Reseller Web Hosting- Tips And Tricks

When reselling web hosting services, it’s advised to resell a reputable company as many customers will not buy your service if they see a fly-by-night company trying to shove a low-quality product down their throats. This rule is also helpful for the seller as they will likely be questioned for selling a low-quality product. Stick with someone customers know already, they will be more liable to switch. Whatever you decide to do, do not sell more than one company’s services. For one this is likely against your agreement with them, but more importantly, this will confuse and deter customers.

Once you have established a deal with a reputable hosting company, you need to install a system of measurement. A system of measurement is a system that will alert you and the parent company that someone just signed up for their services through your gateway. This stage is very important as it may make or break you. If a company sees lots of clicks, they may not pay you for all of them. They may just “slip” a few out of your commissions, or the system they use may be so flawed, it doesn’t accurately manage your commissions.

To get customers to use your link/referral system, it’s important to get a means of distribution. What this means is you need to get some way to get the link to your customers, and more importantly get them to click the link. It means nothing if your customers don’t know you exist. One way you can spread awareness is employing social networking. YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc. are all great ways to bring attention to you. Start by creating a YouTube channel and reviewing various hosting programs, and then offer a giveaway of your hosting. Likely after the giveaway the customer will stick around and may write some good reviews. Your business will flourish.

Finally, once you have distributed your product you have to entice the customer to click on your link. What good is your link? Why is it better for the customer to use you then go directly to the parent company? Are your prices better? Service better? How does the consumer know that? The problem is just because you have a lower price, doesn’t mean people will use you as a gateway. Many prefer to go direct as it just feels more “secure.” They may not trust you with their information, they may forget about you. Entice the customer! Secure existing clients! Promote!