Qualities of a Great GPS

Anyone who has used a great GPS system, including a motorcycle GPS system, will know how useful and user friendly a good GPS can be. With the new improvement in modern digital mapping technology and modern GPS technology coming of age, it is with no doubt that a great motorcycle GPS can turn a ride into a pleasure.

But what exactly is GPS and why would you want it on a motorcycle? For those who do not know, GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Its is a positioning and navigation system pioneered by the US army and turned into a user friendly modern navigation solution. Despite the fact that it was just the province of the army, the technology is now better, affordable, that anyone needing it can afford to buy.

The GPS works by cross referencing the signals from different satellites above the user and using those references to plot the user’s position on the globe. However, GPS will only work where there are available satellites, you need to be located in a position where you can pick signals from satellites so that they can be cross referenced. Accuracy will go down where there are few satellites, and it does not work if there are no signals being picked.

Early GPS systems, despite the fact that they where accurate, had limited usefulness for the motorcyclist since they gave you tour position on the globe in longitude and latitude. Although it was accurate, it was not not user friendly, this is because you needed to have a complete understanding of the map for you n to plot your position on the map. But modern motorcycle GPS system have advanced way beyond this.

A modern mapping software has been combined with GPS technology to eliminate the problem of being given only a longitude and latitude. Now there is a visual display that shows that show the exact location of where you are on the map. With the map display showing where you are, you can also ask your motorcycle GPS to show you the direction of where you want to go. This extra ordinary accuracy will be done by both voice prompts via bluetooth technology direct to your motorcycle helmet and the visual map pointer.

A good GPS motorcycle unit is the one filled with great number of maps. This eases your navigation across the country. Also, point of interest should be loaded, they can help you to tell where the nearest shops and fuel stop are. Therefore, any motorcyclist who likes to ride should have a modern motorcycle GPS unit. It is one of the best tools that helps you do away with carry and consult maps.